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The Cure for Your Pain

As I laid on the floor screaming, all I could think of was the pain. It clouded every thought. I couldn’t even figure out how to get up. It just hurt so badly. Pain does that. It takes over our mind. It’s as if everything else fades away and that’s all we can think about. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical pain, emotional pain, or relational pain. Any kind of pain, really. If you’ve been there, then you know what I’m talking about. If you’re there today, know that I’m thinking of you even as I write this.
You see, a few days ago, while going about my ordinary day, I slipped on some water on the floor and took quite a tumble. In the process, I injured my knee. You know how knees are supposed to go north and south. Well, mine went west, which was so painful.
Afterward, I did what everyone does when one experiences a mild injury; I tried to fix it myself. I immediately got out an ice pack and I rested it for a few hours in hopes that I would rebound quickly.

I believe it’s in our nature to try and fix ourselves. If we have a cut we go and get a bandage. If we have a headache, we run to the cabinet for the ibuprofen and if we are feeling upset, sometimes we run for the chocolate or the wine. We run to anything that will make the pain go away. Sometimes, our home remedies help. But not always.

Sadly, my home remedy didn’t help. In fact, the next morning it was still swollen, bruised, and painful. I needed help. So off to the urgent care I went. There, the doctor did what good doctors do. She asked many questions, x-rayed it, and then manually manipulated it to get a feel to determine how to fix it. In the course of her explanation of diagnosis and treatment, she said something profound. She said, “Tina, I think you’ve torn your MCL, which is actually the best thing you could have torn if you were going to tear something.” She went on to explain that the MCL gets the best blood flow of any of the ligaments in the knee and that good blood flow allows the knee to heal faster.

I left her office encouraged for two reasons. The first is obvious. My knee hurts and I am looking forward to it feeling better so that I can get back to the normal routine of my life. However, I was also encouraged for another reason. Her words reminded me that being connected to a healthy source of blood is powerful. Not just physically but also spiritually. You see, there is another flow of blood that brings healing into our lives and it is the blood of Jesus.

Jesus, the one whose birth we just celebrated. The one we sing songs about. The one who came to restore our relationship with the Father. It’s His blood that brings complete healing. When we believe in who Jesus is and what He did for humanity on the cross, our relationship with God is healed and restored. We experience salvation and begin a journey that changes our lives forever.

Yet, there is so much more to the blood of Jesus. You see, it doesn’t just save us, it has the power to protect us, cleanse us, and heal us. In fact, scripture tells us in the book of Isaiah that by the stripes of Jesus, we are healed. He was referring to the beating that Jesus took with whips before going to the cross. It was a gruesome, horrendous punishment that He didn’t deserve and yet, because of it, His shed blood allows for you and me to walk in complete healing.

So often we apply the blood of Jesus to our need for salvation but we forget that His blood has the power to bring complete healing – in every area of our life. So, while I am grateful that our bodies were created to heal themselves through healthy blood flow, I won’t take any chances. I will through prayer, appropriate the same blood that saved me to my knee and will believe for my healing. While I am at it, I’ll believe for your healing as well.

So, friends, let me ask you again. Are you hurting today? Physically, emotionally, or mentally or in any other area? If so, pray this with me: Father, thank you for the blood of Jesus that was spilled for my sins and my life. I apply the blood to (fill this in with the area of your life in need). I stand in agreement with Isaiah 53:5 which says; “by your stripes, I am healed”. – In Jesus name, Amen.

Life will knock us down and trip us up. We will experience pain on this side of eternity. Some we can address ourselves but many will require the blood. Today and every day this year, you can experience the benefits of the blood of Jesus. This is how. Pray without ceasing. Plead the blood of Jesus over your life. Speak the word over your pain. Thank God for your healing, even if you cannot see it yet. Prayer, in Jesus’ name – that’s what keeps the blood flowing and the cure coming! Making it Real,


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